Aussie Truckie Wives

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I am;
You are;
We are;

Aussie Truckies Wives”.

Welcome to the (FIRST EVER) “AustralianTransportation Industry” related– Blog, which is specifically created, in this niche, for all Transport Industry employees‘ and their respective spouses/other-halves/families.

— [Some would argue they’re their “better halves”]

It also includes, FIFO employees, & their families; Transportation Trucking Logistic Supply chain businesses families, and any other–Transport specialised field, that places their employees ‘away for professional duty’ reasons ‘, regularly.

» This community-spirited blog site primarily bases its roots for;


“WE’RE THE HEART AND SOUL; STANDING BEHIND THE ‘BACK BONE’- OF AUSTRALIA.”                                                   >


» WHO WILL RELATE AND BENEFIT FROM THIS SITE? (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Transportation Industry Companies; and all their employees; who travel a-lot for their work purposes.
  • Logistical and Supply-Chain Operations; who, may leave their families, and their homes regularly, to achieve their work responsibilities.
  • Owner-Operators and Small Businesses; within the realm of ‘Trucking / Haulage.
    • Local Truck Drivers– who still go away for a small/long absence from home- or just work a hell of a lot of hours so it may feel they’re on the other side of the country!     NOTE: Though this blog is primarily based around ‘long type absences’, from the family/home life–we want to be genuinely inclusive on here…so won’t ask you to leave, just cos your spouse is home every night! 😉                                                            *snickers in your direction out of jealousy*
    • Interstate Truck-Drivers; Their Wives/ Husbands; Families & Kids (18+ only-please view my disclosure regarding this.)
  • FIFO/DIDO– Workers, and their respective spouses. (Because the nature of the absence is somewhat the same. The difficulties, strengths and obligations are the same so anyone can relate.)

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